June 10, 2010

36 Weeks, 4 Days

The countdown continues!

I'm feeling much better than I have the last few weeks. I have more energy and I think I've been alot nicer. I went to the doctor two weeks ago, and they told me my blood pressure was elevated and that I was really swollen. After worrying for two weeks, I went again today, and my blood pressure is still the same, which is good news, they say. I'm still swollen, but they seem to think I'm doing good. I also lost a few pounds, which was ODD, especially for me. I can't even believe how much weight I have gained this pregnancy. I'm already 10 pounds more than I gained total with Lily.

I start going back weekly now. I'll have my pre-op appointment on the 24th, where I'll find out the juicy details, like what time I need to be there and how I can't wear makeup. And I'm even dialated one centimeter. That didn't happen with Lily until she was well over a week late. She simply didn't want to come out. Maybe Parker does? Only 19 days to go.

Which means I've GOT to get cracking. His room looks great, and I am planning a Target/Babies R Us shopping trip for Saturday. I'm trying to stay on top of laundry and housework just in case Parker wants to come early. Lily and I had a very busy week. My sister Lacey stayed with us for a few days, and we have been doing lots of closet cleaning and garage cleaning around here. Next week, we're going to indulge in getting our nails done and seeing a movie. We are also going to try to do some last minute visits with friends.

I had a wonderful second baby shower at my friend Britney Scott's new home. It was a beautiful shower-her house looked great, the food spread was amazing, and I got to see many friends who I don't get to often see. It was great! Parker got many an adorable outfit, a Bumbo seat, and his Moby wrap to name a few! Megan and Britney were wonderful hostessess! I can't wait to show some pictures.

Til next time...

How far along? 36 weeks 4 days
How big is baby? He feels pretty big!
Weight gain? I have already gained close to 50 pounds (it looks a lot worse when I stare at that sentence on the computer screen), but I lost 4 pounds in two weeks. Strange...
Maternity clothes? I can't wait to burn them. Well, even though I'm too practical for that, I am seriously tired of looking at them
Stretchmarks? I have a new one! Parker hangs out on my right side, and I think that exclusive spot has finally caused an ugly stretchmark underneath and to the right of my belly button. Grr...
Sleep? Not so good. I even had insomnia last night.
Best moment this week? Getting his room super organized and looking cute
Movement? lots of rolling, and some hiccups!
Food cravings? sweets per usual
Bellybutton? in, but stretched a bit
Labor signs? some cramps, and 1 cm dialted. but that's about it.
What I miss? moving quickly...or at least, at a normal pace. Lily could lap me at the mall any day.
What I am looking forward to? meeting our son!!
Weekly wisdom? Rest more, and try not to stress as much. Oh, who am I kidding?
Milestones? entering my 9th month!

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