June 18, 2010

37 Weeks, 5 Days

What a great week-full term, feeling good, and getting things done!

~First things first: I went to the doctor yesterday. I waited FOREVER, and I felt pretty emotional by the end of it. I just can't stand waiting so long; I feel like I may go crazy. My OB FINALLY came in and checked me (still 1 cm), good heart rate for Parker, etc. Then she called over to Tanner so that I could start my pre-op appointment. But I wasn't on the schedule...so I got RESCHEDULED to do the pre-op next Thursday. No sweat...no sweat. Worse news, I wasn't on the schedule for the 29th for my c-section. WHAT?! My OB promised to call me today, and I left, feeling quite hysterical. I have had 6-29-10 implanted on my brain for MONTHS. That was my baby's birthday! Luckily, I got a call less than an hour later, and turns out, my c-section is going to be Monday the 28th. So one day early! It's tenatively scheduled for 7 30 in the morning, and I'm actually only staying two nights at the hospital. I'll have plenty more to say after my pre-op next week, I'm sure. I'm very very very ready, and we are so close!

Other than obsessing over Parker's arrival, I have been getting alot done around the house. Next week, I'm going to try to do some fun things with Lily and finish up last minute to do lists and projects. Shane needs to put up Parker's curtains, and we're still waiting on the arrival of his glider. Shane and I will hopefully get to take one more date night...last Sunday, we went and saw Get Him to the Greek (it was alright, pretty funny) and grabbed a bite to eat. Before you know it, we won't be going to many places without kids (at least until I learn how to pump!)

I'm leaving with a few pictures from my baby shower at Britney Scotts...

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