May 5, 2010

31 Weeks, 3 Days, but Who's Counting?

This week has been very blah so far. I hate to say it. I don't feel like I'm glowing. I actually don't feel like I have much energy at all. It might be because I haven't been sleeping well-I just can't get comfortable, even with my new body pillow. Add a dry throat and getting up to go to the bathroom, and its alot of interrupted sleep. Poor Shane-I think I've shushed him for breathing too loudly or moving his legs too much more than once.

I feel very very tired at different points in the day. My feet continue to swell, especially if I move around too much. And I am so hot!! All the time. Georgia is a hot place anyway, and we're already in the eighties. I can hardly stand to be outside now! Do I really have 8 more weeks to go?

I guess I'm getting into the final weeks where I'm tired and grumpy again (ya think?)Nonethless, all is still going just fine. Baby is still moving a lot, but I think he may be getting a tad squished. I know me and my organs are!

Well, I've actually gotten either a dry/scratchy throat with a bit of a cough deal or maybe its just allergies. I can't take anything for it, so it has been a minor nuisance. Also, something is wrong with my jaw! It has been popping alot, and now when I have been chewing, it pops and really really hurts! Another annoyance that will hopefully go away soon. Don't I sound like a big baby? Combine that with being almost eight months pregnant, and I'm sure I haven't been that fun to be around. :o(

As far as baby stuff this week, I'm getting excited about my first shower which is coming up a couple weeks. I've organized the stuff that he has so far, and I've washed the few outfits that we have. Shane has started on the crib (he spent two hours on it actually!) but he still has a ways to go. I can't wait to see the finished product. I signed Lily and myself up for a sibling class at the hospital, where she will learn how to be careful around her little brother. She'll also get to tour the hospital, see a new baby in the nursery, and finish off the evening with a Big Sister tee shirt.

Hopefully I'll be feeling better next week! And if not, thank goodness for air conditioning, our comfy couches, bottled water, and my DVR.

How far along? 31 Weeks, 3 Days, but who's counting?

Stretch marks? Keeping them at bay for now

Sleep: Not so good--see my above post

Best moment this past week: I think it has yet to happen. But, I have enjoyed playing with my registries yet again. A girl can dream...

Movement: Great! Lots! He definietly has his busy days and his quiet days I will say.

Food cravings: A milkshake today...Lily and I just got back from Sonic.

Labor Signs: N/A

What I miss: I wouldn't mind being able to lean into the mirror again.

What I am looking forward to: My baby showers still

Weekly Wisdom: Stay near the air conditioner

Milestone: Reaching my third trimester tired phase-whoo-hoo!

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