May 9, 2012

A Look at My Goals

I just found my "2012" goals on an old blog post from December of 2011. Since we are about 5 months into 2012, let's take a look at some of my planned goals.

Our Family 2012 Goals:
1. Make all our cleaning products-check! I have done this. I have also made hand soap, bug spray, dish wash detergent, and I am still considering making laundry detergent. I tried homemade toothpaste, but it wasn't a huge hit.

2. Obtain our own chickens-check! I have had chickens for over 2 months now, and they are growing every day. Still waiting on our eggs :)

3. Have a garden this spring-check! This is Shane's project, but I did help pick out the veggies. He is taking great care of our little garden, and I can't wait for some fresh veggies!

4. Eliminate fried foods-no dice. Pregnant=Chik Fil A at least once a week. But I haven't ate red meat in over a year, so no nasty McDonalds or Burger King, blech!

5. Use less than one roll of paper towels a week-check! I usually forget to buy them, so even if I only use one every 2 weeks, we might go another week without. I use lots of hand towels and rags now that I've built up a big stash of those, and I have so many that I constantly pull out a new one to stop the spread of germs. They do a better job too.

Personal Goals:
1. Give yoga a shot. -nope
2. Drink more water.-always need to drink more
3. Stay home more, drive less.-easier now that I am preggo
4. Visit the park at LEAST bi-weekly. -sorry kids!
5. Walk three mornings a week. -nope
6. Will myself to have more patience with my children.-always a work in progress
7. Read more. -I read the Hunger Games Trilogy, ready to read something new.

So there's my little update. I'm anxious to get working on some of these goals!!

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