February 23, 2012

Update: 2/23/2012

I really need to get back to my bloggin' for better updates. I'm never going to remember anything. We have been up to ALOT. Besides finding out we were preggo with #3, we finally closed on our old house and moved into our new house. We have come SUCH a long way and the place is starting to look great. We still have a few things to do inside, and Shane has started working on the yard and property. We have plans for gardens and chickens in the back, as well as a new deck and a swingset for the kids.

Lily and Parker have been great. My brother Andrew was in town from California for a week, and they got to spend lots of time with their Uncle Andy. My dad was in town for a night and took us to Houston's, we helped my sister Elizabeth buy her new bed at Ikea (love Ikea!!) and move into her own apartment, we went and ate Top Spice for lunch, and we had a donut brunch and took Andy to the airport (a lot of this revolves around food!)

Here is our latest purchase from Ikea (Parker didn't realize this WASN'T his own personal stage):

Lily is on winter break this week. It started off ok- we went skating at Sparkles for her cousin Faith's birthday, trips to the park, got haircuts, Target, Good Will, to name a few. Monday night, Parker came down with a stomach bug, and then this morning around 4 am, Lily caught it. So please pray and cross fingers, toes, eyes, whatever that Shane and I do NOT get this. Shane is off tomorrow, and we really want to have a fun three day weekend. We are actually FINALLY going to the Atlanta Zoo for the first time on Sunday, since they have $5 tickets. So we must stay well!

Here is the cutest find ever at Good Will, a vintage Fisher Price clock:

Everything else is going great. I'm 14 weeks (whoo hoo for second trimester!) I'm still tired and queasy on occasion, and I have been getting headaches. But I am doing well-I have a belly going and everything (our Goodwill trip was actually a maternity clothes search!) I was going to write about the fluffy mail I got today, but I'm saving that for another post. Otherwise, this entry would be quite the rambling post!

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