February 23, 2012

Baby's First Fluff

Baby #3 got his/her first cloth diaper today- a newborn Kissa by Kissaluvs:

Actually, this is the first item Baby has gotten period, and I think its so cute! I got this off a diaper trading website. Yes, newborn diapers are available, and no, they really aren't that cheap! I am not weird about buying used diapers, and I am planning on newborn cloth diapering! They won't ALL be used by no means (I'm managing to snag some AWESOME deals). But, since they don't wear them for too long, and they are pricy, I'm only going to be able to get 10-12 of the diapers like the picture above (the easy, throw in the wash, no folding or stuffing required kind). The REST of my diapers will be prefolds, which you have to fold into a diaper shape and pin (gasp!) or use a Snappi, or you can fold them down into an insert and put inside a diaper cover. They are much more practical and cheap, but not as fun or easy or cute. When Baby grows out of the said newborn diapers, he or she will inherit Parker's one size diapers (but if it IS a girl, I will definietly be selling and trading the boyish ones for girl ones! I won't be able to resist.)

Diaper trading... what a new and weird world. I like it though. I just want everyone's diapers, and no one seems that interested in mine, haha! I traded another diaper recently, but the one I got in return seems to be more of a medium than a small, so I guess Parker can wear that one until it fits the next one. If this baby is a boy, then he is sure outta luck on getting much new goodies, besides newborn diapers. Parker has enough clothes from newborn-current to cloth triplets. I've barely given away a thing!

He or she will already inherit the kid's bassinet (which was actually my sister Lacey's bassinet, and I love handed down things!) He or she will also inherit the bouncy seat, the swing, the car seat, the stroller, the Moby Wrap, the sling, the Mei Tai, the Bumbo Seat, and the high chair, to name a few! This makes me VERY happy because so many of these items were gifts and get to go to good use again!

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