December 30, 2011

Goals for 2012

My "resolutions" aren't going to be anything stressful, but I really want to set up some goals for myself that will lead to a better life for my family and myself. A lot of these ideas pertain to healthy eating and a self reliant lifestyle.

Our Family 2012 Goals: (images from Google Image search)

1. Make all our cleaning products. (Minus laundry detergent, I have a new HE washer)
This is SO easy, and I wish I had done this sooner.
I will need: 3 spray bottles, vinegar, baking soda, and tea tree oil. I'll also occasionally add lemon for a fresh scent, but I have heard the lavender tea tree oil is amazing. I'll be making an all purpose cleaner, homemade Windex, and a sort of homemade Softscrub. I'll have the kitchen and the bathrooms covered. I plant to mop with very hot water and a drop or two of the tea tree oil.

2. Obtain our own chickens-thus, fresh, organic, and FREE eggs. I'm kind of nervous about this, but this is Shane's project. Plus, I figure I can send the kids out to get the eggs. That would be a fun chore for them. I just need to figure out who is going to clean the chicken coop. I only buy organic eggs now, and they are kind of pricey.

3. Have a garden this spring. I have no clue if my thumb is green, but I want to grow easy vegetables for our first go around. I'm thinking peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes...

4. Eliminate fried foods.I rarely eat fried food, but when I eat anything breaded or fried, I always think I want it, and I feel sick afterwards. I never prepare anything fried or breaded, so this really will go hand and hand with eating out less and cooking more. We already eliminated all meat in May, and have since returned to eating chicken and turkey.

5. Use less than one roll of paper towels a week. We get a little grabby when the paper towels come out. I have an old towel that I just cut up into a ton of dish rags. Not the cutest thing to look at, but they are going in a basket near the sink, and we need to stay away from the wasteful paper towels!

Personal Goals:

1. Give yoga a shot.
2. Drink more water.
3. Stay home more, drive less.
4. Visit the park at LEAST bi-weekly.
5. Walk three mornings a week.
6. Will myself to have more patience with my children.
7. Read more.

I think 2012 will be a great year to focus on the health of our family and find a really great place where we feel balanced, secure, and refreshed. We already spend so much time together, but I feel like its important that we get "back to the basics" so to speak. In these crazy times, one of the most important things you can do is take care of your self and your family and not rely on anyone else.

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  1. I love these goals - and I think I'm going to try to incorporate several of these in my life, too. Happy New Year!