March 16, 2011

I wish I had this on film

But I'll try to paint a decent picture for you.

Now that Parker is almost nine months, he sort of understands what no means. I figured this out yesterday. He also understands when he isn't getting his way.

Yesterday, he was obsessed with this mini, super sharp screw driver. I was organizing some stuff (what else is new), and he pulled it out of of container and fell in love. He held it. He threw it and crawled to it. Wanted to chew on it. Hit the dog with it. He was so happy. I took it away when I finally realized how sharp it was at the end (way to go Mommy!), but he screamed. And screamed. His face was so so red. He fell out on the floor like I had taken away his best friend.

Nope, not his first tantrum. But his first tantrum with me taking something away from him. So I decided to see exactly what he understood. I waited for the next opportunity.

Flash forward 15 hours later (not really, but it felt like that long of a day) and we are at Shane's work waiting on Daddy. Parker kept trying to chew on this glass table. "Parker," I say to distract him (technique from a peaceful parenting website. Note, this doesn't work for him). He looks at me and smiles. And goes back to gnawing on the said glass table. "No, no," I say, rather sweetly. In slow motion, he slowly stops chewing, looks at me, and grunts the ugliest noise I have ever heard. HOW DARE YOU TEL ME NO!!!???!!! He gives me a you no what type of look, his face red from the grunting, and returns to chewing on the glass table.

Do I have my hands full or what? Just mentioning getting in trouble, Lily turns into a cherub. Better start praying for strength. Especially if he's going to be walking soon.

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