March 29, 2011

9 Month Update

Happy 9 months (yesterday) Parker P!

At nine months, Parker...

*weighs at least twenty pounds
*crawls around like a madman
*says dog, dada, and bye bye
*waves and shakes his head no
*learned how to drink from a sippy cup
*has the pincher grasp almost down
*climbed the stairs from our living room to upstairs
*refuses baby food, but eats all the adult food he is allowed
*still nurses every 3 hours or so
*still gets up to nurse at night on occasion (yes! i know)
*is not a good napper

*can get into a standing position by himself as long as he has something to hold onto
*is very strong willed and already defiant
*tries to climb out of his stroller every chance he gets
*gives "love" aka his version of a hug
*is about to move to 9-12 month clothing
*has never had a drop of formula
*still falls asleep in his swing on occasion
*has been cloth diapered for over four months
*still sucks his Wubbanub to go to sleep
*sleeps in his crib and immediately rolls over on his tummy when I lay him down

Everything you ever wanted to know about him, right!? I can't believe he's been on the outside as long as he was baking on the inside.

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