February 22, 2010

21 weeks

I'm 21 weeks today, which means, if I'm still having a C-section at 39 weeks, I have 18 more weeks to go. I think it's truly time to get cracking and get in baby mode! I have literally done nothing with the nursery,and I need to do a serious inventory to see what/if any baby items I still have. I'm afarid to see just how little my baby supply is. All the more fun to register though right?

I'm trying to sell this blasted bed in our guestroom, so then I can really make room for baby furniture! I'm hoping to convert one of the corners of the room into a quiet relaxing place where Mommy can hopefully succesfully breastfeed! I'm thinking I'll need a comfy chair, a table with a lamp, etc. And of course, we still need a crib. I can't WAIT to start though!

I didn't breastfeed with Lily. I didn't even try (I'm ignoring your gasps and glares! I'm sorry!) This time around was actually the first time I considered it. Even thought about it. Imagined trying to do it. And then I slowly became terrified. Not really of failure, because I do fail at things I attempt to do all the time. I was just really scared of pain, of learning how to do it, etc. I'm lucky to have a friend who is also a spectacular mother and loves sharing about how important breastfeeding is. She let me borrow a book that I have so far enjoyed and learned from (although I am only on page 43). So I'm giving it my all-100%, I am really going to breastfeed...hopefully right? :o)

I'm still feeling great, although I am starting to feel LARGE. And I still have a ways to go. I'll be needing short sleeved maternity shirts too, and my cute small ones are starting to get snug...sigh... I'm also feeling lots and lots of kicks,and they are stronger every day!

We're still discussing names of course...hoping to reach a decision soon...

All is GREAT! Looking forward to spring!!

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