March 30, 2010

26 weeks, 2 days

Boo! I haven't blogged lately. But--there isn't a whole lot new from last time I posted. I'm heading back to the doctor next week, and I also have to go and do my glucose test at some point this week.

Everything is going great- we have purchased our crib and our stroller and carseat travel system. Things are starting to shape up!

Once baby comes, I think I'll slow down quite a bit, but being a SAHM has given me the opportunity to get many things I never had time for done. So, as bummed as I was about layoffs at work, I've really enjoyed this time. I have gotten to know my daughter a whole lot more, and she is always so happy when I pick her up from school.

Fun Things Lily and I have FINALLY gotten to do/Things I've been meaning to do for her
~Visited the park and playground weekly (sometimes more than once a week)
~Baked lots of cookies, cakes, and brownies
~Rediscovered the local library-her reading list is about a mile long! I've been sticking to guilty pleasures-James Patterson, and also books on breastfeeding
~Taken the dog on lots of walks
~Attended nearly every one of Shane's ball games (I think we went to one last year)
~Attended tee ball practices and 4 games, Lily's team is 3-1! Go Fireballs!
~Lots of trips to Target, the mall, and of course Starbucks
~Tuesday movies- $5, we've seen Alvin and the Chipmunks 2, and next week is Alice in Wonderland
~Developed a chart and list of rules for Lily to follow (she is doing better, I can say that. Less frusturation for her and me because she and I both know that a consequence will come with bad behavior; it's as simple as that.)
~Organized all her clothes and given away plenty!
~Mastered correct teeth brushing (that is, brushing that is acceptable to the dentist and myself!)
~Created a very succesful bedtime routine

Accomplishments for myself
~Patience with my daughter and my husband
~Keeping the house super clean, even cleaner than usual
~Staying ahead of the laundry
~Getting the dog fixed
~Repainted all trim and doors and touched up every wall in this house
~Succesfully hired someone to fix our garage doors, which have NEVER worked since we've lived here
~Succesfully had someone put in a new back door
~Cooked alot more
~Straightened my hair alot more
~Gone on walks
~Worked on the nursery
~Watched tons of awesome movies
~Started watching and following some awesome new shows
~Began clipping coupons and looking for sales-slowly and surely saving money at the grocery store
~Taking over the organization and payment of all household bills

Just had to brag on myself a little bit! Have a great week-hopefully more to report soon!

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